The extraction of wisdom teeth is the process in which a dentist or oral surgeon removes one or more wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that erupt during young adulthood. Sometimes, wisdom teeth remain under the gum tissue. In other cases, wisdom teeth are impacted, which means they are trapped beneath the gum tissue and are unable to erupt. Impacted wisdom teeth can eventually cause damage to surrounding teeth, the jawbone, and the nerves.

The best way to avoid problems with wisdom teeth is to have them removed. This can be done before problems start to develop, or it can be done after damage has already occurred.

When Is Wisdom Removed?

Most wisdom teeth grow in the mouth between the ages of 16 and 20. However, they may erupt later in life.

If your wisdom teeth resemble the molars already in your mouth, they are probably in the right position. However, wisdom teeth that grow in at a slanted angle or impacted—that is, stuck underneath the gums or bone—should be removed.

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Painful?

No, wisdom tooth extraction is not painful. Before the procedure, your dentist will give you an anesthetic to numb your mouth. During the procedure, you will be completely unconscious. After the procedure, your dentist may prescribe pain medication, but you may discover that you recover very quickly.

Recovery from wisdom tooth removal

The first 24 hours after extractions are critical. We recommend that patients avoid strenuous activity, rinse their mouth often with salt water, and stick to a soft diet.

Jaw stiffness and soreness are common after tooth extractions. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to manage pain, but patients should refrain from taking any medications that thin the blood.

Choosing a Dental Care Provider

Not all wisdom teeth extraction patients experience pain. Sometimes, patients don’t experience pain because the extraction is minor. Sometimes, patients don’t experience pain because the extraction is “routine,” meaning the patient has had other teeth extracted before. When extractions are more “complex” – such as when a tooth is impacted – the patient may feel some discomfort. But overall, wisdom teeth extraction isn’t a painful procedure.

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