Preventive dentistry is a vital part of dental science. It helps to prevent the onset of any oral infection even before the patient develops it, which is way better than getting it treated after it has taken a significant toll on oral health. Once, such part of preventive dentistry is the application of dental sealants.

Sealants are made from tooth-colored acrylic and applied on the surface of the molars and premolars to prevent cavities. The grooves on the surfaces of these teeth can house thousands of microbes though they seem just as wide as a small crack. Minute food particles and other debris may also get accumulated in them, thereby driving up the chances of getting cavities. The sealants prevent this by completely sealing off the grooves to the microbes and food particles in the mouth.

What are the advantages of getting sealants?

  • Sealants are made from non-toxic, non-metallic material. The acrylic that we use for this purpose is biocompatible and will act gently against the tissues of the teeth.
  • The color of the sealant can perfectly match that of the natural teeth, and thus, they will stay indistinguishable against the enamel.
  • The level of sealing they offer is just amazing. The grooves will be completely covered and sealed off from the microbes, plaque, debris, etc. The chances of the molars and premolars developing cavities would be significantly reduced.
  • Your bite wouldn’t be altered, whatsoever. In fact, you wouldn’t even feel the sealants exist as we will conduct a bite test and make sure the restorations are trimmed to perfection, thereby offering you a perfect fit and bite.
  • The natural tissues of the tooth will not have to be removed. The teeth will be roughened using an etching solution, and the sealants will be applied on to their surfaces. Due to this, they wouldn’t come off or chip away when you bite and chew food like you always do.

How to make sure the sealants last long?

Generally, sealants last anywhere between three to five years. But, when you take good care of them, they last much longer. Certain things such as avoiding biting and chewing hard foods such as ice, hard candy, tearing open plastic bags and opening bottle caps using the teeth, etc. should be avoided.

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