Having a beautiful smile can increase one’s confidence level by several folds. Dentistry not only aims at helping you get a beautiful smile but also at maintaining optimum oral hygiene. Professional dental cleaning sessions at least once in six months are necessary to ensure healthier teeth and gums. During the routine consultations, the dentist can also carefully examine your oral cavity and check for signs of cavities and infections.

What do professional teeth cleaning involve?

Dental cleaning sessions consist of two procedures, namely scaling and root planing. Scaling is the process of removing the plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth, whereas root planing is the process of getting rid of the tartar from the root surfaces. These procedures are highly effective in reducing the severity of gum diseases and also prevent the chances of developing cavities.

How are scaling and root planing performed?

The dentist will visually examine your teeth to locate the tartar deposits. A hand-held dental mirror may also be used to get a better view of the teeth. An ultrasonic scaling device is used to remove the tartar. Since the metal tip of the scaling device vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies, it can be used to dislodge the bacterial deposits. It is combined with a jet of water to wash away the removed debris.

Root planing can be a painful procedure as the scaling tip is inserted in between the teeth roots and gums. Hence, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gums. The instrument used for root planing has a hook-like tip. It will be inserted under the gums, and the tartar deposits on the roots will be scraped off. Also, if the surfaces of the teeth roots are uneven, they will be smoothened out to prevent the deposition of microbes and food debris. The deep gum pockets will be cleaned in order to avoid the growth of bacteria.

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