The entire world has been turned upside down and shaken due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The extent of suffering and the number of deaths it has caused is overwhelming. We need to stand united as a nation and practice safety to keep ourselves and our loved ones from the virus. It is the least we could do and is the most crucial step we need to take.

How can you practice safety?

Here are a few necessary steps you can take:

  • Keep your hands clean at all times. You may use an alcohol-based sanitizer/hand-rub or simply wash your hands with soap and water at regular intervals. This gets rid of the virus from your hands by killing them.
  • The virus can enter the body through openings such as the nose, mouth, eyes, etc. Hence, avoid touching your face as the virus picked up from your hands could enter the body through them.
  • Avoid going to crowded public places, such as supermarkets, malls, parks, public transport, etc. You are several times more likely to contact the virus in such situations as people get physically close to each other as social distancing is challenging to maintain.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between yourself and others. Patients with COVID-19 tend to cough and often sneeze, releasing tiny droplets containing the virus. If you inhale these droplets, you could contact the disease as well.
  • Ensure you and people around you maintain respiratory hygiene, i.e., covering the mouth and nose with a tissue or the elbow while sneezing and coughing.
  • If you experience the symptoms of COVID-19, such as cold, cough, fever, trouble breathing, etc., isolate yourself from everyone else in a confined space. If you have the virus, you can keep others around you from contacting it as well.
  • If the symptoms do not wear off in a day or two, notify the authorities and get immediate medical attention. If you have the virus, they will help to quarantine you and ensure you receive appropriate treatment.

Social distancing is perhaps the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from COVID-19. Stay indoors; stay safe. In case of any dental concerns, please contact us. 

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